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Fa, me acuerdo de jugar esto en newgrounds como hace 10 años, ni sabía que eras argentino jaja



omg throwback

Un clásico!! rejugando otra vez!!  Gracias che.


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Good game. I love the visuals and gameplay. Here is the gameplay with all endings + secret.



It's wild to see this game again after so many years, but at least now I can say that I finally got all the endings!

I am one of the people who purchased this game back in the day. I am an EFL teacher and I have even used it in the classroom. Also, I know that the current drag and drop mechanic looks cleaner but I somewhat miss the Polaroid framework when dragging and dropping. Here's for a Today I die release next. 

<3 yes, I had to leave some of the charm for the historic version


Loved it! 💓

got all the endings plus the secret one! amazing game and very clever!

Incredible game

Cute! I enjoyed it!

The button in the bottom left reads "of 6" for me though - not "of 7". Clicking it also only displays six endings, "Burning" isn't listed. Once you trigger it, it will appear in the list, but the maximum doesn't change. So completing all endings reads "7 of 6".

good catch!