Update 2.6!

A LARGE amount of things were added to the game since we udpated the blog here!

- Higher quality daily challenges
- Tech logs on startup for people having trouble running the game: it's on Users/<youruser>/AppData/Roaming/Fidel/Local Store/logs.txt. Send them to daniel.benmergui@gmail.com if Fidel is not starting up for you!
- Simpler first level for new players
- Full remastered OST *free* for Fidel owners.
- Core gameplay improvements based on player feedback.
- Runs on DirectX11 on Windows, providing a performance boost.
- Includes the full version of another game (hidden inside Fidel).
- More graphics and sounds, improvements to some levels, bug fixes and tweaks.
- Improved feedback when Fidel is hurt
- Barking now leaves a trail so you can tell someone barked by looking carefully at a screenshot
- Improved feedback for Dragon
- Fix: duplicated daily challenges at the end of the month
- Fix: two bugs that made some puzzle levels compute the wrong amount of XP
- Fix: no more medkits right next to the exit gate of puzzle levels
- Fix: some glitches on certain animations
- Fix: game was saving sometimes after Fidel was permanently dead
- Many more fixes (thanks Steam forums for this!)


Fidel_osx_2.6.7.zip 151 MB
Jun 08, 2018
fidel_windows_2.6.7.zip 150 MB
Jun 08, 2018

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