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Fidel Dungeon Rescue

A puzzle roguelike where you can rewind. And you are a dog. · By Daniel Benmergui


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Anniversary Update
No more ghost timer: take your time! Revamped beginning, more accessible and more varied Revamped daily challenges MASSIVE load time reduction and performance i...
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Update 2.6!
A LARGE amount of things were added to the game since we udpated the blog here! - Higher quality daily challenges - Tech logs on startup for people having troub...
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Update 2.3.1
New stuff: A new Indiana Jones-style level in the Undeworld, designed live on stream . Overhauled Chess levels are now always solvable and you have to get all...
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Update 2.0!
We've just uploaded a huge FREE update with new and improved things, some gathered from your feedback and other ideas we left out of the previous version. Highl...
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